Timor Pony
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Original source: Photo by J. Patrick Fischer Horses in Maubisse/Timor-Leste on June 2002

The Timor Pony was developed on Timor Island likely from Indian breeds of horses and ponies that were imported to the island. The Timor Pony is thought to be closely related to the Flores Pony which was developed on nearby Flores Island. Both breeds are used by the local people for cattle work as well as riding driving and light farm work. Many of these ponies have been exported to Australia where they have had an influence on the breeding of the Australian Pony.

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breed of Indonesia followed from 1803 on. This provided the basis of the breed, which was then subjected to a large range of sources through its development.5
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– however, it is well worth the effort. “Timor-Leste will delight visitors with its fascinating mix of history, culture and natural beauty....10
- three parts thoroughbred at least - And such as are by mountain horsemen prized.11
and Welsh Mountain pony. The Australian Stockhorse and the Waler horse come from similar roots, though today they are a seperate breed.12

and Welsh Mountain pony. Horses in Australia were bred for their stamina and strength, with weaker animals culled and only the strongest allowed to breed on.13
by Richard Crispin An important part of Australian history, the last of the registered Timor Ponies in captivity in this country number only five.14
ENTHUSIASTS! For anyone owning, breeding or just interested in Timor Ponies, we are setting up a group.15
with Zebra marking on the back of his legs. Also the donkey mark of the cross over the shoulders and down the spine.16
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– however, it is well worth the effort. Introducing our best guidebook range yet... 3rd Edition, Jun 2011. 176 pages.18
', so it was no Brumby. Walers were the Australian breed of horses that served our armed forces and there were light and heavy breeds in them.19
, “Snoopy” Snoopy was a been there done that little chap, so nothing fazed him which gave her great confidence.20
, Arabian horses and Cape of Good Hope horse which was the result of cross breeding the Barbs and the Spanish horse.21
, but their strength and endurance was marvellous. The Canadians bought some very fine horses - well-furnished, strong animals, up to any weight. The New Zealand horses were an excellent lot.22
, three parts thoroughbred at least and such as are by mountain horsemen prized He was hard and tough and wiry, just the sort that won't say die, there 23
/QH and he absolutely loves to roll! So far I think he has stopped rolling with a rider/saddle on his back, but I'm not sure of it.24