Pryor Mountain Mustang

The Pryor Mountain Mustang is a substrain of Mustang considered to be genetically unique and one of the few strains of horses verified by DNA analysis to be descended from the original Colonial Spanish Horses brought to the Americas by the Spanish. They live on the Pryor Mountains Wild Horse Range located in the Pryor Mountains of Montana and Wyoming in the United States.

Association * Preservation of Pryor Mountain mustangs and registry for horses from the 1
is a type of Mustang. It originated in the Pryor Mountains, which are between Montana and Wyoming.2
9:57 Watch Later Error Elizabeth Graves with the Pryor Mountain Mustangsby aboutthehorse 3,673 views * After the Roundup3:31 Watch Later Error After the Roundupby 3
from Illinois, recently arrived here for training! He is the son of Blue Sioux and Red Raven, Cloud’s brother! How exciting to have another Pryor boy here! Bravo has just settled right 4
from Wyoming; I've been told by the registry he is the only Pryor Mustang in Texas! Pryor Mustangs have been blood typed to be over 90% pure spanish making them 5
Association to oppose the BLM plan. They were joined by the chamber of commerce, several regional newspapers, and a number of national animal welfare groups.6
Breeders Association PO Box 884, Lovell, Wyoming 82431 (307) 548-6818 Email Steens Mountain Kiger Registry 7
Reserve down into Deadman and north up the trail to the base ranch in Montana and reverse in the fall.8
's led by the stallion "Cloud". Leaders in the fight against the BLM.9
, portrayed by today's artists, is a reflection of the mustang's inspiration to everyone world wide.10
Center is trying to do. Nothing bad is going to happen to them. 4.11
- Featured Blog BLM Round-Up Of Iconic Pryor Mountain Mustangs. SIGN HERE: Stop the Massive Removal of Cloud’s Wild Horse Herd.12
5 years old Mare Mustang 14 2 hands Annie is a brown paint with also the dun markings, she has the black dorsal stripe down her back , the black zebra stripe markings on her legs 13

range on high terrain between Wyoming and Montana. These horses have Spanish conformation, and the bloodtypes of the horses are also those expected of horses with Spanish ancestry.14
Breeders Association Registry The purpose of the association is preserve the gene pool as found in the Pryor Mountain wild herd and to establish a Registry for the 15
* Spanish Mustang * Wilbur-Cruce Mission Horse * Sulphur Mustang/Sulphur Horse The Gila Bend Mustangs look very similar to each other and are mainly 16
Pryor Mountain Mustang Pryor Mountain Mustangs - These horses live on the Wild Horse range in the Big Horn Mountains.17
Breeders Association Dale & Daphne Hartman PO Box 884 Lovell, WY 82431 USA Home: 307-548-6818 Personal email: dhartman@tctwest.18
, Azul Solamente, who appeared as a celebrity horse at the 2007 Equine Affaire in Pomona, CA = Montana only has one BLM wild horse area - and it's a famous one: The 19
Association 472 W. 7th, Apt. B8 Lovell,WY 82431 Rev.20
Breeders Association & Registry Mount Taylor Horses: Mount Taylor Mustangs Multi-strain Spanish Barb/Mustang Resources: Southwest Spanish Mustang Association BLM Quien 21
(Hardcover) While first perusing and then going back to carefully read this incredible pictoral essay of these magnificent animals, I felt awe and respect for both the animals and their resilience in nature.22
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Round-ups by BLM, BLM and the wild mustangs, Sign the petition to save the Pryor Mountain Mustangs, The Cloud Foundation, thecloudfoundation.26
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