Jutland horse
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The Jutland horse is a draft horse breed originating in Denmark named after the Jutland Peninsula where Denmark lies. Usually chestnut in color they are a compact muscular breed known for their calm and willing temperament. The breed was originally developed for use in agriculture but today is more often seen in urban settings and at horse shows.

were used by the brewery, and today there are still about twenty used to transport beer in Copenhagen.1
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Danish Jutland Intro Probably the most well known for their association with the Carlsburg brewery, the Jutlands were used to haul heavy brewery wagons.4
is named for this country's Jutland Peninsula, where it has been bred for centuries $200 3 A 25th anniversary is a "silver" this 5
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and the Carlsberg Brewery — 3 comments Simply Marvelous wrote 4 years ago: Also known as the Jydsk Hest (Danish) ~~~ For many centuries heavy horses have been bred on the Jutl … more → Tags: Life, Family, animals, People, horses, Driving, Home, daily life, Relationships 11
Nevada I saw this beautiful animal and would love to make one part of the family. Please write with any info.12
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Jutlands at pasture
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