Giara horse
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The Giara horse is a horse breed native to the island of Sardinia Italy. It is one of the fifteen indigenous horse breeds of limited distribution recognised by the AIA the Italian breeders' association. While of small size due to the hostile environment in which it lives and sometimes called a pony it is considered a true horse.

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, which is thought to have developed from Numidian (North African-possibly Barb) stock brought to the island by the Carthaginians in Roman times.3
and sardinian habitat giara horse and sardinian... stock photo : Giara horse - portrait. Rare endemic sardinian horse. giara horse portrait. rare...4
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, the Albino Donkey, the Mouflon, the Sardinian Long-eared Bat, the Sardinian Deer, the Sardinian Fox, the wild boar, and the Maghreb, a skink that can reach 30 cm in length, and the Great Spotted Woodpecker.6
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with Arabians, Small AAS and even German riding Ponies in an effort to produce a pony ideally suited to equestrian sports, and is creating the "Giarab" pony breed.9
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, then it is easy to understand why the island continues to be important from a naturalistic point of view.11
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Alternate name
Giara pony
Horse of the Giara