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The American Walking Pony is a relatively new breed which was developed mainly for the use as a show horse in gaited competitions. Although it has three unique gaits it is able to compete in seven. Due to its Welsh Pony heritage the pony also makes an excellent light hunter.

Gender Stallion Age 4 y.o. Height 14.1
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live? How long can a American walking pony live? = In: Care of Horses Answer: Improve The American Walking Pony has been known to live up to 7
American Walking Pony in United States = American Walking Pony American Walking Pony $1,200 - They are sweet and have power.8
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* Country: United States * Blood Temperature: Warm * Height: up to 14 hands * Color: All solid colors * Environment: Temperate climates * Uses: Hacking, dressage, jumping, harness * Temperament: Easy-going, sociable * Description: Fine head carried well on muscular neck, broad deep chest, compact back, muscular hindquarters.11
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The American Walking Pony is a relatively new breed, which was developed mainly for the use as a show horse in gaited 27
nanners_32 Offline Send Email Feb 2, 2002 1:09 am I have seen some and they were nice ponies but more often than not they do not have the TWH gait. We breed for TWH ponies and I have a 12.2 hand stallion.28
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