Trait du Nord
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The Trait du Nord is a breed of heavy draft horse developed and bred in France. Originally considered a sub-type of the Ardennes it became an individual breed in the mid-20th century. Developed in the rich Flemish grasslands especially the Hainaut border region it was bred for size and pulling power. By 1855 the horses bred near Hainaut were considered superior by some veterinarians to other Flemish draft breeds.

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Breyer French Belgian - Trait Du Nord If the horse is somewhat compact and roan or bay with pronounced feathering on the legs, you may be viewing the sturdy but rare Trait du Nord, a breed native 8
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Horse/Light Horse Anglo-Arab Anglo-Norman Ariège Camargue Thoroughbred William the Conqueror introduced powerful Norman horses to England.10
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Toscane, Trait du Nord - « précédente 9 de 10 suivante » Toscane, Trait du Nord Toscane, Trait du Nord venue de Laires (propriété de Frédéric Beaurain), menée par Morgan Robillard, de Gonnehem - PHOTO CHRISTOPHE LEFEBVRE Télécharger photo (800x532) Nous vous rappelons que toutes les photos Voix du Nord sont soumises aux règles régissant les droits d'auteurs et que leur reproduction et leur diffusion sont interdites. > Si vous n'avez pas de compte et que vous désirez en créer un, cliquez ici.16
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Vladimir Heavy Draft * Information summarized from The Encyclopedia of Horses and Ponies, by Tamsin Pickeral, and The Illustrated Encyclopedia of Horses, by Susan McBane18
Trait du Nord Versione di stampa Versione italiana English version Versi19
(France) * Vladimir Heavy (Russia) * All other pure and part of the above breeds of draft conformation, used for heavy farm/harness work. Draft Ponies.20
; Northern ardennes (?) : heavy draft horse of the Picardie region (France).21
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collecte les déchets à Hazebrouck * Usage on * Nord * Usage on lv.wikipedia.23
Ecurie BEAUGEOIS = Puissant et énergique, le cheval de Trait du Nord sait se montrer utile tant pour le débardage que pour les travaux agricoles.24
Gender: Stallion Colour: Black * ~ * ~ * ~ * 'SCS Horatio' 25
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) is heavier and larger framed.28
, Hispano-Breton, Netherlands Draught horse, and German cold bloods were sampled with the cooperation of the breed societies. Overall 62% of continental European draft horses possessed the GYS-1 mutation.29
, Percheron and Suffolk Punch.30
, which increased the overall size of the Auxois.31
, which resulted from outcrosses to the Belgian Draught Horse and the powerful Auxois. The popular Ardennais du Nord comes largely from Lorraine.32
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