Swiss Warmblood
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The Swiss Warmblood horse breed also called the Einsiedler was founded in the 10th century on the local Schwyer stock. It was first bred at the Benedictine Monastery of Einsiedeln. They are now raised at the Federal Stud at Avenches.

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Coeur de Nuit Calypso I Night Lady Octavie III Fair Play III Finlande Ever After Trakehner AWS-930059 Elot Condus Elfie Double Hunt XX J Hunt XX Laura's Choice XX CADILLAC is a very impressive gelding. He will excel with ease in any discipline. He has a great attitude.2
color Bay sex stallion height 174 cm ~ 17.0.3
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Tawleed Tchernomor, see Budyonny (horse) Tennessee Walker Tersk horse Thoroughbred Tinker horse, see Gypsy Vanner horse Tiger Horse Tori (horse) Trait Du Nord Trakehner Ukrainian Riding Horse Virginia highlander Vlaamperd Vladimir Heavy Draft Waler horse, also known as Waler or Australian Waler Walkaloosa Warmblood, see "Types of horses" below, or individual warmblood breed articles Welsh Cob (Section D), see Welsh pony Westphalian (horse) Wielkopolski Württemberger or Württemberg 6
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Breeding Association was brilliantly showcased during the renowned CHI-W Geneva (December 8-11) in the magnificent Palexpo venue by presenting a special class for seven-year-olds under the 8
Country of Origin: Switzerland View Profile Congratulations to Alec Bozorgi and Believe It Farm of Antioch, IL on the purchase 9
filly with symptoms of HERDA without PPIB-mutation and in which we also could exclude Ehlers-Danlos syndrome Type IV, VI, VIIA, VIIB and VIIC (dermatosparaxis type) as etiological diseases.10
gelding "Unique X" sired by the Swiss Approved sire "Ulysesse De Thurin" x Grand Veneur x Quastor (Ibrahim) out of a Swiss mare sired by the sBs Belgian approved stallion Orymate De St-Hermelle (Inducteur x Almez Z x A L'Honeur) The win has propelled Puis into 11
gelding owned by Shannon Strom and Katie Shannon of Castle Rock, Colorado and ridden by Mickie Sage of Denver, CO.12
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Horse, Hanoverian Horse, Faverolles Chicken & White Pegasus - Posted by admin on June 25, 2011 8 comments Share Share with your friends on Facebook Farmville has brought back four animals to the Farmville Market 14
in California and needed him transported to Las Vegas.15
is a coveted broodmare combining performance and pedigree. Whinny’s exceptional European bloodlines have carried her to the top of the jumping world.16
is a NEW item.17
Mare 16 hands, Gray Description: Jumper Leased to Emily Lewis through Slyfield Farm Kiri Kiri - SOLD - 2002 Hanoverian Gelding 16 hands, Bay Description: Hunter 18
Mare Carolina is a well bred mare. She was imported from Switzerland and has what it takes to be your next Grand Prix horse.19
SOCIETIES AND ASSOCIATIONS Zuchtverband CH-Sportpferde (ZVCH) - WBFSH Member (Swiss Warmblood) World Breeding Federation for Sport Horses WBSFH Sport Horse Studbooks - WBFSH Full and Associate Members The World Breeding Federation for Sport Horses (WBFSH) is an 20
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, American Hanoverian, Swedish Warmblood, Danish Warmblood, Westfalen, Belgian Warmblood, Weilkopolski 2.22
, switzerland trackback Click image to enlarge In honor of FarmVille’s birthday, Zynga is bringing back items from the Swiss event for ONE DAY ONLY! There are some really great items here but you’ll 23
wiss Warmblood - Thuringen Thuringen American TrakehnerAmerican Trakehner - Canadian Trakehner Canadian Trakehner - British TrakehnerBritish Trakehner 24
() out of a TB mare, born 2004. He is approx 16.1h Gordie has a loveable, quiet temperament. He has the athleticism to excel in any chosen discipline.25
/ * Selle Fran26
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Young Swiss Warmbloods
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Swiss Half-bred