Shagya Arabian
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Author: Véronique Mestre Gibaud (Association française du Cheval Arabe-Shagya)

The Shagya Arabian was developed in the Austro-Hungarian Empire during the 19th century at the Bábolna Mezőhegyes Radautz Piber and Topolcianky studs. Today it is most often seen in the Czech Republic Austria Romania the former Yugoslavian countries Poland Germany and Hungary but has been exported to other nations and is bred around the world. A purebred Shagya Arabian today has bloodlines can be traced in all lines to the stud books of Radautz Babolna and Topolcianky.

NZAUSA Lottery Shagya Arabian The breeder The breeder PassionFruit is breeding 87 horses.1
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Artist: Jeannine de Cuir Owned by: Andréa Bhend Show wins: CM Breed Championship CM Reserve Color Championship - Photo courtesy of Andréa Bhend El Zarka de Lys Shagya Arabian Artist: Elaine McDaniel Owned by: Andréa Bhend Show wins: 3
Shagya Arabian The breeder The breeder colin1 is breeding 45 horses.4
Bloodlines, and how Shagya bloodline are used in Warmblood breeding. He is the leading expert in Shagya and Hungarian Warmblood bloodlines and part bred Shagya Sportlos.5
Brand Lily Creek Ridge International Trakehner Brand Home | Shagya History | Blog | Stallions | Mares | Sale Horses | Photography | News | Contact | Links Shagya History The year was 1789! The Austro-Hungarian monarchy needed a superior horse as a cavalry mount.6
Breed Release: March 09 2009 Author: Sarah EversBoard Members of the American Shagya Arabian Verband, Inc.7
Horse - The World Arabian Horse Organization (WAHO) recognizes three separate breeds of the Arabian Horse.8
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horse? What is the difference between an Arabian horse and a Shagya Arabian horse? = In: Care of Horses, Arabian Horses Answer: Improve 10
horses Mural on farmhouse near Veldenstein Shagya Arabian hitch belonging to Anton Straub, near Lindau Marbach Stud 2-yr old mares farm - stable 11
horses = Shagya Arabian Stats Country of Origin: Hungary Use today: Shagyas excel in endurance, dressage and jumping events. They are also used for driving and as general riding horses.12
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HORSES FOR SALE. HUNGARIAN IMPORT. Ages between 3-10. MORE INFORMATION AVAILABLE: Price ranges from $10,000-$25,000.14

horsesFrançais : Un groupe de chevaux arabes shagya, originaires de Hongrie Breed history * Français : Copie 15
in France Almost a third of the French SHAGYA ARABIAN herd has distinguished itself in sport.16
Mare Born: May 11, 2008 Sire: Gazin Dame: Lady Hawk (Purebred Arabian registered with AHA) Very handsome, maturing filly out of proven bloodlines eligible for registration with NASS or 17
Society (NASS), with two new up-and-coming approved stallions which may also be available for breeding during the 2012 breeding season (depending upon their training schedules!!) All breeding mare and stallions which are approved for Purebred 18
Sporthorse Stallion Prospect Renoirr Ad # 114286 Breed Shagya Sale Price STUD Color Bay 19
Stallions - Périgueux (Bartok ® x Pamina ®)'88 rose steel dapple grey SM G3 Andalusian OF Shandal (Siglavy Ubaviel x Shagala)’90 chestnut SM G2 Arab SR Wonderful real lines Ninja AA (Amurath Samurai ® x Rachelle AA ®)'92 bay SM 20
usally have in the game Horseisle? How much experience does a maxed Shagya Arabian usally have in the game Horseisle? = In: HorseIsle Answer: 21
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x Franches Montagnes, mare, 1991 We bought her in 1993, I started her myself, competed for several years in western disciplines at Swiss national levels with good results in trail and reining.23
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= Twitter Facebook RSS * Home * About The History of the Shagya Arabian Part I Posted by tellinghistory on November 1, 2011 · Leave a Comment The Shagya-Arabian combines the advantages of the Desert 26
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is still Babolna, Hungary.28