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The Peruvian Paso or Peruvian Horse is a breed of light pleasure saddle horse known for its smooth ride. It is distinguished by a natural four-beat lateral gait called the paso llano.

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Club * Home Page * Page 2 The Official Site of the Arizona Peruvian Paso Club = The Arizona Peruvian Paso Club Ltd is no longer an active club.2
Are They the Same Breed? Definitely Not! One of the most asked questions that I get, is about the difference between Paso Finos and Peruvian Pasos. No, they are definitely not the same breed.3
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Horse How to Ride a Peruvian Paso Horse = How to Ride a Peruvian Paso Horse thumbnail Peruvian Pasos are renowned for their gentle temperament and willingness to work.9
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LINKS Naturally Gaited Walking Horses For Sale Gaited Saddle Horse Breeders DSLD/ESPA does exist - as it does in other breeds, it is not "just a Peruvian Paso affliction" nor is it 21
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- Posted December 8, 2008 By admin How do I get my Peruvian Paso mare to put on wieght? I have a 21yr old Peruvian Paso mare that gets ridden regurly.25
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and the Paso Fino almost the same breed, there are many important differences in build, gait and origin. Please take a moment to visit some of the links.27
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, Pindos Pony, Pinia, Pintabian, Pinto = *PERUVIAN PASO* Before the 17th century most of the horses in the world had natural gaits, and horses that trotted were exceptional The majority of travel was done upon a horses back, and there 29
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Paso Fino Paso Creole :: other info - paso gaits newsletter showcase links paso foal - Paso Stallions at stud = Andiendo Peruvian Paso, Chestnut Owner: Warchant Stud, Bill Horley, Freeman's Reach NSW Sire: Allejo Dam: Reina 33
horse breeder in Southern Wisconsin. Sales and stud service. - Four Mountains Ranch http://www.peruviandigest.34
Horse Each and every breed of horse has its own special quality that is unique, and the Peruvian Paso is no exception.35
Breeders in California Sponsors Paso Fino Rancho Linda Marchadores Boarding / Training / Lessons / English equitation / Jumping / Breeder / 36
Horse Club Promote Your Page Too Sponsor Logos Home Come Enjoy the Peruvian Horse with Us! The Southern California Peruvian Horse Club is one of the breeds longest standing clubs, and the oldest club in California.37
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FindaPetOnlineAverage Size: 14-15 hh (56-60 in) Breed: Peruvian Paso Crucial Specs: * Gaited horse * Spanish descendant * Riding horse The Peruvian Paso has a heavy neck and deep chest. It has a powerful build and an amazing capacity for endurance.40
is famous for? The Peruvian Paso is famous for? = In: Dance, Howrse Answer: Improve it is Termino on howrse 41
Horse * Riding the Peruvian Paso Horse * Peruvian Tack * Safety on the Trails "Study of horses" by Leonardo da Vinci "Study of horses" by Leonardo da Vinci Riding the Peruvian Paso = 42
Horse Breed = The Columbian Exchange, Conquistadors & the Peru Horse Breed - Tweet * Dec 17, 2009 * Tony Dunnell 1 Comments Join the Conversation Peruvian Paso Horse Today - Just chaos Peruvian Paso Horse Today - Just chaos Origins of the Peruvian Paso horse from the 43
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