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The Persano is a horse breed created at the Royal Stud of Persano near Serre in the Italian province of Salerno. It is similar in appearance to an Anglo Arabian and was created by crossing Andalusians Arabians Persians and Mecklenburgers. The original breeding herd was dispersed but was later reconstituted by crossbreeding the horses still available with Purosangue Orientale Thoroughbred and a new group of stallions freshly imported from Syria.

* Peruvian Paso, sometimes called Peruvian Stepping Horse * Pintabian * Pleven horse * Poitevin horse also called Mulassier * Pottok, see pony section * Pryor Mountain Mustang * Przewalski's Horse, also known 1
persantin Persantine Per Saugman persay Persbo Persbo (crater) Perschner’s symptom Per scholas perscopate 2

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