Nonius horse

The Nonius or Nóniusz is a horse breed named after its Anglo-Norman foundation sire. The breed was developed at the Imperial Stud at Mezőhegyes Hungary by careful linebreeding. Originally bred to serve as a light draft and utility horse for Hungary's military the breed became a useful agricultural horse during the 20th century. Today the breed is bred by preservationists and is used in agriculture leisure riding and competitive driving sports.

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are also known for a kind, even temperament and great willingness and capacity for work both in harness and under saddle.4
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Signed Herend Hungary Incised model number 5588 Csikos, Hungarian cowboys, are herdsmen of Nonius, or Nóniusz, a horse breed developed in 1816 in Hungary.7
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Dark coat with few white markings
convex facial profile and powerful
high-set neck.
Alternate name
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Black Nonius horse at Mezohegyes Stud