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The Caballo Losino or Caballo de Raza Losina is a breed of horse from the Valle de Losa in the province of Burgos in Castile and León in northern Spain. It is listed in the Catálogo Oficial de Razas de Ganado de España in the group of autochthonous breeds in danger of extinction.

The Losino receives its name from the original area where it is bred, the Losa Valley, in the north of the province of Burgos (Spain).1
= The horse losino, also known like Of Burgos Jaca or pony losino, is the unique Castilian native horse race.2
= Country of Origin: Spain Losino Origins The Losino is named for the area where it originates, the Losa Valley in the north of the 3
registered, and all of the stallions belong to either one of these two. These breeders sell only Losino pony geldings - no stallions, and no mares.4
* Lusitano * Lyngshest, see Nordlandshest/ Lyngshest * M'Bayar, see Fouta * Malopolski * Mallorquín * Mangalarga * Mangalarga Marchador * Maremmano * Marismeño horse * Marsh Tacky, see Carolina Marsh Tacky * Marwari horse * Mecklenburger * Menorquín * Mérens horse * Messara * Mezőhegyesi sport-horse (sportló), or Mezőhegyes felver, see Hungarian Warmblood * Metis Trotter, see Russian Trotter * Miniature horse * Misaki, see pony section * Missouri Fox Trotter 5
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was very important in the history, during the Middle Ages had an important participation in the Reconquest of Spain and later in the colonization of America.7
Lusitano Malacan Malapolski Manades Mangalarga Marchador Marwari Maremanna McCurdy Plantation Horse Mecklenburg* Megezh Megral 8
, Lusitano, Lyngshest, Mallorquín, Malopolski, Mangalarga, Mangalarga Marchador, Maremmano, Marismeño, Marsh Tacky, Marwari horse, M'Bayar, Mecklenburger, Menorquín, Mérens horse, Messara, Metis Trotter, Mezohegyes felver, Mezohegyesi sport-horse (sportló), Miniature, Misaki, Missouri Fox Trotter, Monchina, Mongolian Horse, Monterufolino, Morab, Morgan horse, Moyle horse, Murakoz horse, Muräkozi, Muraközi 9

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, a once-valuable Spanish breed and the ancestor of the Spanish Mustang isdown to 30 animals. Most were lost to the European meat market.12
Lundy Lundy Pony Lusitano Lusitanos M Malapolski Malopolski Mammoth Donkey Mammoth Jack Manades Mane Mangalarga Mangalarga Marchador Manipuri Manipuri Pony Mare Maremmano Marwari Marwari Horse Mazury McCurdy Plantation Horse Mecklenburg Megezh Merens M13
breed (organism) Lota lota (organism) Louisiana waterthrush (organism) Lourdais cattle breed (organism) Lovebird (organism) Lovely cotinga (organism) Löwchen dog breed (organism) Loxia curvirostra 14
from northern Spain, and the Majorcan horse from the Balearic Islands. The Catalan draught horse has a docile temperament and is very noble and hard-working.15
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(Pancorbo and Quincoces), we estimated the average Heterocigosity index, with a value of 0.412 for both nuclei of the 10 Loci of biochemical polymorphism, and 0.733 for the 10 microsatellites, with a Wright index of 0.025.18