The Kladruber is the oldest Czech horse breed and today is considered very rare. The main breeding centre is in National stud farm Kladruby nad Labem in the Czech republic where Kladrubers have been bred for more than 400 years being now one of the world's oldest horse breeds. Kladrubers have always been bred to be a galakarosier - a heavy type of carriage horse for the court of the House of Habsburg.

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: First registered in the early 18th century, when 1,000 horses were recorded at the royal stud at Kladrub.2
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Kladruber - Twittern Der Kladruber ist ein mächtiges Pferd barocken Typs von eindeutig spanischer Herkunft.4
"", which I believe will be not a good choice for horse trekking...), and so I will only give you a few guidelines.5
Knabstrup Latvian Lipizzaner Lithuanian Heavy Draught Lusitano Malapolski Mangalarga Marchador Maremmana Metis Trotter Mexican Native Horse Missouri Fox Trotter Morgan Murakoz Murgese Mustang Nonius 6
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Gender: Stallion Colour: Black * ~ * ~ * ~ * 9
horse is native to Czechoslovakia, and is one of the oldest horse breeds known today. According to the U.S.10
or Kladrubský kůň is the original Czech breed, but also the oldest Czech horse breed Kladruber is now thought to be very rare.11
stallion, Favory Alta XXI, to Their Royal Highnesses the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge. It’s a white Kladruber...12
horses, which originated in the East Bohemian town of Kladruby nad Laben in the Czech Republic.13
breed was designated a Czech Historic Landmark.14
Generalissimus Estetica does not seem to know, that he´s a licened stallion.15
* Which breed off horse originated in Czechoslovakia? Kladruber * 8 Which breed of horse originated in Czechoslovakia? 16
, and some of the British breeds, notably the Cleveland Bay, the Hackney, the Connemara pony of Ireland and possibly the Welsh Cob.17
horse Black Kladruber horse Stock PhotographyBlack Kladruber horse Black Kladruber horse Stock Photoshorses horses Stock PhotoHorse Horse Stock PhotoHorses grazing in a paddock Horses grazing in a paddock. PictureHorses grazing in a paddock Horses grazing in a paddock.18
resin, painted by Chris Nandell; created 2007.19

, Fredericksborg Lipizzaner interesting facts - Lipizzans have starred or played supporting roles in many movies, TV shows and books.20
sind repräsentative, rahmiges Kutschpferde mit höchstmöglichem Adel, die jeweils für weltliche oder klerikale Anlässe beim Habsburger Hof in schwarz und weiß gezüchtet wurden. Bereits 1579 machte Rudolf II.21
zucht in Gronau Impressum : Reiterhof R22
and Holestiner were all influenced by the Friesian. Through its derivative, the Old English Black, the Friesian also influenced England 's Great Horse, now known as the Shire.23
Kladruber The Kladruber (also known as Kladrub or Kladruby) is a Czech horse breed. Traditionally, Kladruber horses were selected for their size and in older times they were famous for their large frames.24
Knabstrup Konik Pony 25
Kutschpferde 24" x 31" (60 x 80 cm) sold Lusitano Reiterin 19" x 24" (50 x 70 cm) sold Grubenpferd 55" x 63" (140 x 160 cm) sold Friesenstuten 26
, Lusitano, Alter Real, Friesians, Oldenburg – and the English Thoroughbred! New Zealand now has at least 130 purebred Pure Spanish Horses, with more youngsters expected in the 2006-7 foaling season.27
horse breed originated in Czechoslovakia. Emperor Rudolph II established it in 1597. It was ...28
: Since carriage driving lost its importance after the war, the Kladruber horses were the only breed that was not meant to become riding horses. For 400 years, Kladruber horses were the coach horses of the Habsburg monarchy.29
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and Arabians, most of these lines continuing on through today.31
(German) Kladruby stud was found in 1579 by the Emperor of Rome and the Czech King Rudolf II. The foundation charter is on display at the Slatinany Hippologic Museum.32
horse is the oldest Czech horse breed. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kladruber We had a few guess to which the answer will be and we found right answer.33
StallionMicro Kladruber sculpted by Maggie Bennet through EquinArt CreationsOwned by Me "KGs Silver Goliath"Dapple Grey Shire GeldingMicro Galloping Draft with Base by Maggie Bennet through EquinArt CreationsOwned by Mark Rogers "KGs Silver Cadet"Dapple Grey Tovero North American Spotted Draft GeldingStablemate "Pete" Resin sculpted by Tibbi Searcher This model is For Sale! $200.34
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= Gattung: Gro36
stallion Favory: foaled in 1779, dun Kladruber stallion Neapolitano: foaled in 1790, bay Neapolitan stallion from Polesina Siglavy: foaled in 1810, gray Arab stallion originating 37
Czech Kladruber studbook
coat color is black or gray only
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Oldkladruby horse
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