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Horse breed is a broad term with no clear consensus as to definition but most commonly refers to selectively bred populations of domesticated horses often with pedigrees recorded in a breed registry. However the term is sometimes used in a very broad sense to define landrace animals or naturally selected horses of a common phenotype located within a limited geographic region. Depending on definition hundreds of breeds exist today developed for many different uses.

? - Sometimes people are curious about "what is the most expensive horse breed"? This question can have a few answers, because so much of a horse's value depends upon age and training.1
* Basics * Colors * Care * Art * Schools Don't forget to join us on Facebook for more horse fun! Name That Horse Breed Quiz = Name That Horse Breed Quiz Just how different are the horse 2
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? = I'm curious what in all you guys' experience is the hardiest and healthiest breed of horse i.e.4
Free Jigsaws Driving Lessons and Instrucors Share This Site Wedding Carriage Winter Driving Buying a Vehicle? Horse Stories The Friesian Horse Breed - One of 5
Directory Horse Breed Directory send to a friendprinter friendly versionsaddlebredAmerican Saddlebred American Saddlebredsmall textlarge text The American Saddlebred was developed in Kentucky in the 19th Century by plantation owners who desired a horse which 6
Descriptions A- C - Horse Smarts Find horses for sale, horse gifts, engraving and equestrian jewelry Horse Smarts Home PageEquestrian Jewelry, Horse Gifts, Engraved Nameplate, Engraving, Engraved Gifts, Leather Halters & Leads, Equestrian Gifts, Equine Artwork and 7
Standard Friesian Horse History The Friesian horse is unique, truly a breed to be proud of.8
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Print E-mail The Missouri Fox Trotting Horse is known best for the comfort it affords it's rider.11
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= Ranking The Most Popular Horse Breeds in the World iDakotaOne - Getting Around - * Guide of the World's Top Breeds 13
for jumping? and what is the best horse breed for dressage = Want to attach an image to your answer? Click here.14
- what breeds do u like.15
is good to ride when traveling long distances? = I'm currently writing a story in which I need a horse breed that is ideal to 16
Standards Marwari Character Statement Introduction Marwari Horse Breed Standard Kathiawari Breed Standard Zanskari Breed Standard Spiti (Chamurti) Breed Standard Manipuri Pony Breed Standard 17
ing provinces of France. The Breton horse was small and noted for its soundness and vigor.18
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Overview = This section of horse breed information is important for many reasons: * Our survey responses indicate that a cross-section of horse-lovers 20

and a machine? This is a easy one, a car, the Mustang to be exzact, the Mustang(horse) originated in U.S.21
quiz in treeton.22
ing, Draft Horse Breed, Riding a Draft Horse, Driving Draft Horse, Draft Horse Pulling, Draft Paint Horse, Horse Picture Popular topics: Horse Adoption, Western Saddle Draft Horse, Horse Breed, Horse Breeders, Draft Horse Team for Sale, Draft Horse Adoption, Draft Horse Tack, Suffolk Horse, Draft Horse Pulling, Suffolk Punch General Information Breeders - Associations Pictures 23
> What is the oldest living breed of horse? What is the oldest living breed of horse? = In: Horse Breeds 24
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should I get? = my dad has 40 acres and we are getting 2 horses. I don't know what breed to get or what to name them.26
Directory send to a friendprinter friendly versionArabianArabian Arabiansmall textlarge text The Arabian horse originates from the deserts of Asia and the most famous are the horses of the Bedouin Arabs, often known as the Elite Arab.27
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Types = Last Updated: September 16, 2009 View as web page Ashley Griffin, University of Kentucky Some of the most predominant types of horses today are those that we commonly refer to as light horse breeds.29
Profiles * Rabbit Breed Profiles * Pet Loss & Memorials * Pet Picture Galleries * World Pet News Member Tools * Edit Your Profile * My Pet Pictures * My Pet Memorials * Home * > Resources * > Breed Profiles * > Horse Breed Profiles Choosing a Horse Breed - Breed Profiles = Our guide to horse breeds includes lots of useful information for helping you decide which breed to get. You'll also find links to our breeder classifieds and reader galleries.30
was developed in 1981? NATIONAL SHOW HORSE 3. What horse originates from Iberian Peninsula? LUSITANO 4.31
Association Grand Slam - July 12, 13 & 14 2012 Showbill - Results 2012 Two Year Old Futurity Entry Form 2012 Two Year 32
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in the ...34
Coloring Page = Print Horse Breed Coloring Page (B/W) Print Horse Breed Coloring Page (color) Horses exhibit a diverse array of coat colors and distinctive markings, described with a specialized vocabulary. Often, a horse is classified first by its coat color, before breed or sex.35
ing capital of the civilized world.36
Matchs you? Loading Page, Please wait… What horse breed Matchs you? = 5 Questions I 1666 Attempts I Created By xxtwilightxx227 1079 days ago This quiz is to find out what 37
Are You? What breed of horse are you? What Horse Breed Are You? Mustang? Shetland? What breed of horse are you? What Type of Horse Are You? What Horse 38
ers Society - History of the breed in South Africa. The South African Hackney Horse Breeders' Society - Presents general description of the breed.39