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The Galiceno is a horse breed developed in Mexico bred from horses brought from Spain by Hernán Cortés and other conquistadors. Although small in stature they are generally considered a horse rather than a pony and are always solid-colored. In Mexico they are an all-around horse used for riding packing and light draft. In the United States they are often used as mounts for younger competitors although they are also found competing in Western events.

or Galiceño The Galiceno is a horse breed from Mexico, although not technically a horse in size.1
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Ponies Galiceno Pony - Picture = The Galiceno is a breed descended originally from the northwestern province of Galicia, Spain and later was brought to Mexico by Spanish explorers.3
By: Phillipe Wiskell *FLEUVE* The Fleuve is a horse breed from Senegal, Africa. It was developed from the crossing of a Barb with a local breed of pony.4
Drive, Las Vegas (unincorporated), NV 89122 = * Home Details * Refinance Own 4005 Galiceno Drive? Claim your home & edit details Owner Richard J Arcand City: Las Vegas (unincorporated) Zip: 89122 County: Clark County NV Region: Las Vegas Valley - East Neighborhood: Stallion Mountain/ East of Boulder Hwy Subdivision: Enclave At Stallion Mountain Condo Development: 5
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Drive - Icon-sfr Single-Family Icon-condo Condo/Townhome Icon-highrise High-rise Address ▴ Unit Owner Neighborhood For Sale? Last sale price/date Single Family 3854 Galiceno Dr N/A Ming-Tai Gao and Tung-Lien Gao Stallion Mountain/ East 7
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A small horse (12 to 13:2 hands) said to have originated in Galicia in northwestern Spain and brought to North America by Spanish explorers. Galicenos are tough and courageous but easy to handle.9
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Breed Clubs = To find books on Horses and other topics: bn long logo bar Galiceño Horse Breeders Association Box 219 Godley, TX 76044-0219 bar 12
Horses for sale from some of the top Galiceno Horse breeders and personal Galiceno Horse sellers.13
for my wife I am looking to purchase a Galiceno for my wife. The horse must be verry gentle. She is a begining rider.14
breed in Mexico and, allegedly, on the Mustang.15
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#100 = Breyer Traditional Bay Model Horse/pony Galiceno #100 CLICK HERE TO BUY! - Breyer Traditional Bay Model Horse/Pony Galiceno #100 This lovely little bay was produced on Breyer's Traditional Galiceno Mold up through 1982. He is in good condition with a few very light rubs.18

` - Mare read more about the special breed Galiceno - GALILEO - A great Jumper & Dressage gelding He is a 10 year old Hanoverian sired by Graf Granus by Granus. His dam is Amazone by Akut.19
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- Article by Phillipe Wiskell *FLEUVE*The Fleuve is a horse breed from Senegal, Africa. It was developed from the crossing of a Barb with a local breed of pony.21
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Espèce Cheval (Equus caballus) Région d’origine Région Drapeau du Mexique Mexique Caractéristiques Morphologie Poney Taille 1,20m à 1,35m en moyenne 25
"" had been captured in the mountains of the Galicia region of Spain.26
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Garrano Mountain Horse Galiceno Mountain Horse Garrano 5. The Gypsy Vanner comes in only one size. True False 6.33
-Pony = aus Wikipedia, der freien Enzyklopädie Wechseln zu: Navigation, Suche Galiceno-Pony Bild nicht vorhanden Wichtige Daten Ursprung: Galicien Hauptzuchtgebiet: Mexiko, Süden der USA Verbreitung: Stockmaß: 128–142 cm Farben: meist Braune, Falben, Füchse, Stichelhaarige Haupteinsatzgebiet: Arbeits- und Jugendpferd Das mexikanische Galiceno-Pony ist gut als Arbeitspferd unter dem Sattel geeignet, aber auch ein beliebtes Jugendreitpferd und wird außerdem gefahren.34
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