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The Esperia Pony is a breed of pony originating in the area of the Aurunci Mountains and Ausoni Mountains near Esperia in the province of Frosinone in the Lazio region of Italy. It is one of the fifteen indigenous horse breeds of limited distribution recognised by the AIA the Italian breeders' association. It is the only Italian breed to be officially denominated a pony.

* Exmoor Pony * Falabella * Fell * Fjord * French saddlebred Pony * Galiceno Poni * Galloway * Garrano * German Riding Pony * Gotland * Hackney Pony * Haflinger * Highland * Hucul * Island1
Farbe Rappen, kleine Abzeichen Stockma2
Poney de l'Ile du Sable : poneys rustiques vivant à l'état sauvage, en petites hardes, sur une ile Canadienne au large de la Nouvelle Ecosse, nue, inhospitalière, sans arbres et au climat rude.3

X Aegidienberger Salizisches Pony Was bedeutet Tiefe (im Bezug auf Pferde)? * Satteleignung * Das Stockmaß * Stockmaß minus Gesamthöhe * X Der Brustumfang eines Pferdes in 4
Beschreibung Estnisches Kleinpferd (Estnischer Klepper, Eesti hobune) Beschreibung Europ5
() Samolaco Sardinianponi Tolfetana Avellinonponi Avelignese * Kotimaa: Italian pohjoisosat, Bolzanon maakunta * Rotutyyppi: poni * S6
Associzione Italiana Allevatori
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