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The Eriskay Pony is a breed of pony from Scotland. It is generally grey in color and has a dense waterproof coat that protects it in harsh weather. The breed developed in ancient times in the Hebrides islands in Scotland and a small population remained pure and protected from crossbreeding by the remoteness of the islands. It is used for light draught (draft) work as a mount for children in many equestrian disciplines and for driving.

, Estonian Native = *DUTCH WARMBLOOD* A warmblooded sport horse, the Dutch Warmblood is typically used for recreational and competitive purposes, such as driving, three day events, jumping, and dressage.1
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Eriskay Pony - The short-legged Eriskay Pony is a local breed of pony of ancient lineage, the only surviving variety of Hebridean pony, but itself in danger of extinction.5
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Eriskay Pony basic information = Eriskay ponies are very distinctive in that they are usually born black or bay and usually turn grey as they mature, a few 8
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? What is the habitat of the eriskay pony? = In: Animal Life Answer: Improve Do you mean the breeds home range, or 13
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The Eriskay Pony comes from the Western Isles of Scotland, specifically Eriskay Island from which the breed garnered its unusual name.15
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The Eriskay is long legged and has a dense, waterproof coat. There is little feathering on the back of the legs.17
found? Where is the Eriskay Pony found? = In: Care of Horses Answer: Improve On the Western Isles of Scotland 18

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Society was formed in Eriskay in 1972 with the objective of conserving the Eriskay Pony.21
Mare 1999 Unfinished Resin Maggie all photos will enlarge Maggie was resin cast in a limited edition of 30 to 50 pieces.22
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- from the island of Eriskay. Has very similar roots to the Highland, and is believed to be a different "line" to what has developed into the modern Highland.24
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and of course the wonderful Shetland Pony. We also have other interesting animals, many of them native to Scotland.26
Society there’s many enthuisasts, especially Donald and Mary McGillivray from Comrie in Perthshire. They have been involved in Eriskay ponies for over 30 years.27
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has had a symbiotic relationship with the crofters in the Western Isles of Scotland for generations, being as integral to the crofters’ lives as the sea and 30
, now classified as an endangered breed, this is the original Western Isles pony. Today these exceptionally tough & hardy ponies make excellent, active riding & driving ponies for small adults & children.31
Society as the last remnants of Scotland's native horse. It is the oldest native breed of pony.32
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is the last survivor of the native ponies of the Western Isles of Scotland. It is of very ancient origin, with Celtic and Norse connections.35
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An Eriskay pony on Eriskay
waterproof coat
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