East Bulgarian

The East Bulgarian is an elegantly-built warmblood breed of horse that developed over the last 100 years. They are used mainly for under saddle and light draft work and are well-suited for a variety of competitive sports ranging from dressage to eventing.

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- properties on behalf of clients both in this country and all over the world. As well as being experts we understand the personal side of property.2
- merino breed and in its crossing with Australian merino, Ill De France and Booroola by Slavov, R., Thracian University, Stara Zagora (Bulgaria); Krastanov, Zh., Institute of Agriculture, Stara ...3
empire (on the Danube) ; further, they consider that it was on the eastern part which was conquered by Tzimisces, while the western part continued and 4
Year of Birth:2001 Height:1,52 m Comment: Suitable for advanced riders.5
bred as a versatile work/recreational horse to the ancient Exmoor Pony whose looks have barely changed over thousands of years. Although the E’s are a smaller category, it contains a wide variety of animals.6
- town of Dobrich. It also operates three recycling plants for waste lead batteries.7
, but only "e" in the West, e.g., "melko" 'milk' > South Slavonic "ml'eko" > East Bulgarian "mljako", but "mleka" (plural) and West Bulgarian and Macedonian "mleko", "mleka".8
/ warm-blood who is around 340 kg - which is actually slightly on the heavy side but he likes his food and is 9
kingdom came under turkish rule in 1393, and the west kingdom in 1396. Bulgaria was made a principality under Turkish suzerainty in 1878.10
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Romani (see Romani, Balkan: East Bulgarian Romani) East Cape Afrikaans (see Afrikaans: East Cape Afrikaans) East Central Friulian (see Friulian: East Central Friulian) East Central Quiche (see Quiche: Chichicastenango) Recorded language East Central Tlacolula Zapotec (see Zapotec, Mitla) Recorded language East Chachapoyas (see Quechua, Chachapoyas: Grenada-mendoza) East Choiseul (see Bambatana) Recorded language 14
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vernacular as the common one.17
Egyptian, Eriskay Pony, Estonian Native, Exmoor Pony, Faeroes Pony, Falabella, Fell Pony, Finnhorse, Fleuve, Florida Cracker, Fouta, Frederiksborg, French Saddlebred, French Trotter, Friesian, Galiceno, Galician Pony, Gelderlander, Gidran ,Golden American Saddlebred, Gotland, Groningen, Guangxi, Hackney, Haflinger, Hanoverian, Hequ, Highland Pony, Hokkaido, Holsteiner, Hucul, Hungarian Warmblood, Icelandic Iomud, Irish Draught, Jinzhou, Jutland, Kabarda, Karabair, Karabakh, 18
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purebloods, both European and Western saddle available; Using own helmets is advisable.20
photograph sent by a friend (Thank you!) East Friesian Egyptian Einsiedler Estonian Native Finnhorse Finnish Draft Finnish Warmblood Flemish Fleuve Florida Cracker Forest Horse Fouta Franches Montagnes Frederiksborg Freiberger French Saddlebred French Trotter Friesian Furioso Furioso Northstar Gaited Curly Gayoe Gelderlander German Cold Blood Gidran Golden American Saddlebred Groningen Gypsy Vanner Hack Hackney Horse 21
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East Bulgarian mare and foal in Kabiuk
near Shumen
Alternate name
Източнобългарски кон