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A Curly is a breed of horse. Curlies also called Bashkir Curlies American Bashkir Curlies and North American Curly Horses come in all sizes colors and body types but all carry a gene for a unique curly coat of hair.

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The Bashkir Curly, or Bashkirsky, evolved centuries ago in Bashkiria, around the southern foothills of the Urals. There it is bred as a pack, draft and riding animal and to provide meat, milk and clothing.2
* The Jolheim Nordre Stable * The blog of curls * Photoalbum * Dreamteam Hemsedal History of The Curly Horse The origin of the Curly Horse is a mystery 3
= Welcome to the owners and breeders of Curly horses webpage. This page is devoted to giving current information regarding the history, characteristics and types of Curly horses.4
= Horse Banner Pictures, Images and Photos Bashkir curlies Buy Posters at The Baskir or Bashkirsy pony is also known as the curly Bashkir or curly horse.5
North American Curly Horses are a rare breed of horse, with an estimated 2,000 currently living in the United States and Canada, and a small handful in Germany, 6
Pet Road Tests > Horses Bashkir Curly Horse Breed: Bashkir Curly horse Temperament: docile Lifespan: 25 years Recommended for: Families Maintenance: Medium Appearance: This is a distinctive horse covered in curls ranging in texture from crushed velvet to ringlets. In cold areas the coat grows longer.7
! ~~~~~~~THE HISTORY OF CURLY HORSES ~~~~~~ - ~~ Curly horses in America were known to the Native Americans. The Crow & Sioux both had Curly horses.8
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Association The Canadian Curly Horse Association was formed in 1993 and received its "Certificate of Incorporation" on January 10,1995.10
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breeders in Nevada). This information was one of the factors that helped in determining the name of this unique breed, American Bashkir Curly.12
Country Blog = Curly Horse Country is the fastest growing Curly Community on the net! Yay! Everyone's encouragement and participation has made CHC a huge success.13
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in America - Myth and Mystery", in correspondence and consultations with Russian scientists, the Soviet Union's agriculture department, the 16
Marketing Co-op has formed for discriminating owners, breeders & exhibitors.18
Novel = American Curly Horse Novels. Novels for all horse lovers. Aug 3, 2011 - Mystery deepens I am sooooo excited.19
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Profile Profile: The majority of the Curly Horses, also known as the American Bashkir Curly Horse, descend from a herd of three horses found by the Damele family in 1898 roaming 21

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Registry - The NACHR is a division of ICHO for the purpose of registering Curly horses and tracking their pedigrees.23
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Webring = I created this webring because I believe that the Curly Horse is undeservedly rare in Canada and that it's praises need to be sung from the highest peaks.27
, their newest community in Upper Saucon Township, Pennsylvania. This extraordinary residential opportunity offers luxury homes on homesites from one third of an acre to one acre.28
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= Curly Horse Stats Country of Origin: North America Use today: Among other things, the sure-footed and nimble Curly often participates in gymkhana and western sports.31
Transportation Links Contact The name Dry Creek and the Damele Family is known world wide for the origin of Curly 32
- hypoallergenic Build a Breeding Dummy - Breeding dummy or phanton with AV. Curly Horse stallion Sterling Silver Breeding dummy or phanton with AV in place. Curly Horse stallion Sterling Silver mounting the dummy for a collection.33
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didn't originate from the areas inhabited by the Bashkiri people of Russia's Ural Mountains. It is more likely that they were brought from Asia to Spain, and onto America. There they are considered a rare horse breed.35
grow a thick curly coat to keep warm. It sheds out in the spring, including some or all of the mane and tail.36
have been found on the Damele range and many Curlies in the United States can be traced to that herd.37
in need.38
/own a curly stallion and wish to be listed on this page, please contact us.39
/ponies and minis in 1993. I have continued to cross curly stock back onto registered miniatures.40
Curly Horses New Dates = 21th and 22th of August 10: Horseman Course with Honza Bláha at the Ranch Wolf You will be able to find more information at the respective news site 41
Curly coat
fetlocks and inner ear hair
Alternate name
American Bashkir Curly
North American Curly Horse
and American Curly Horse
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Bashkir Curly