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The Criollo horse of Cuba is a small stout breed used by the Guajiro people.

* Cumberland Island horse * Curly Horse * Czech warm blood D-K * Daliboz, see Azerbaijan horse * Danish Warmblood * Danube Delta horse * Dole Gudbrandsdal, also called Dole, or Dølahest * Don, see Russian Don * Draft Trotter, also called Light Dole, Dole Trotter, see Coldblood trotter * Dutch harness horse 1
* Ecuador * El Fausto criollo * La Mancha goat * Mexico * Monte Criollo * Música criolla * Pabellón criollo 2
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, Mexican corriente cattle, and Navajo churro sheep.5
, a Cuban horse breed * Criollo cattle, a group of cattle breeds descended from Spanish stock imported to the Americas * Criollo goats, several goat breeds descended from Spanish 6