Coldblood trotter
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A Coldblood Trotter may belong to either one of two closely related and interconnected breeds of horse: the Norsk Kaldblodstraver (Norwegian Coldblood Trotter) and the Svensk Kallblodstravare (Swedish Coldblood Trotter). Coldblood trotters are the result of crossbreeding lighter and faster horses with native coldblooded farm horses either the Norwegian Dølehest or the North Swedish Horse.

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program approved by the Norwegian Ministry for Agriculture. The Dole Trotter studbook is still coordinated with the original Dole Gudbrandsdal registry, and horses have to meet many of the same standards.2
) - Picture of Young horse of Norwegian breed (Norwegian coldblood trotter) Get a Free Greeting Card at CraftyGreet.3
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horse is a breed that is originating from Norway and is one of the three national breeds in Norway.5
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* Comtois horse * Costa Rican Saddle Horse * Cretan horse, see Messara * Criollo horse, also spelled Crioulo 7
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/ can still breed with Dole.. or something like that.9
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of 42 consecutive victories and he holds the record as the fastest Coldblood trotter etc.12
from Sweden, Järvsöfaks, broke the record of 1:19,4a (per kilometre), previously held by Viesker. The fastest time, a 1:19.13
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), see Coldblood trotter * North Swedish Horse * Norwegian Fjord, see Fjord horse * Novokirghiz * Oberlander Horse * Oldenburg horse, also spelled Oldenburgh, Oldenburger * Orlov trotter * Ostfriesen and Alt-Oldenburger * Paint, see American Paint Horse * Pampa horse * Paso Fino * Pentro horse * Percheron 15
), see Coldblood trotterNorth Swedish HorseNorwegian Fjord, see Fjord horseNovokirghizOberlander HorseOldenburg horse, also spelled Oldenburgh, OldenburgerOrlov trotterOstfriesen and Alt-OldenburgerPaint, see American Paint HorsePampa horsePaso FinoPentro horsePercheronPersano horsePeruvian Paso, sometimes called Peruvian Stepping HorsePintabianPleven horsePoitevin horse also called MulassierPottok, see pony sectionPryor Mountain MustangPrzewalski's 16
Det Norsk Travselskap
Heavy horse bred for harness racing
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A Coldblood Trotter of mixed Swedish and Norwegian lines