Canadian horse
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The Canadian Horse is a breed of horse developed in Canada. Although previously relatively unknown due to its rarity the Canadian Horse has influenced many other North American breeds including the Morgan American Saddlebred and Standardbred. Although there have been several times when the breed almost went extinct now the Canadian Horse has many enthusiasts within and outside of Canada.

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Canadian Horse "The Canadian horse has been an integral part of our history and our heritage. Scientists now believe that horses originated in North America 50 million years ago.5
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is well known for its versatility in? The Canadian Horse is well known for its versatility in? = In: Care of Horses 8
Lac La Croix Indian Pony Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Farm Photos Canadian Horse Photos Some of my favourite Canadian horse photos showing the colours and versatility of this beautiful breed Bayard Melville Rocky Bayard (stallion) juniper 9
Posted by Lucy on Saturday, September 11, 2010 Labels: Breeds The Canadian Horse is a breed of horse developed in Canada.10
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Breeder Massawippi, North Hatley (Québec) The Province of Quebec is the cradle of North America's oldest equine breed: the Canadian Horse.18
breeders - hillsburgh ontario BREED HISTORY - The Canadian Horse is a little known national treasure of Canada.19
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Defence Coalition We are a collective of people and national groups that have joined forces in order to ban the slaughter of equines for human consumption 22
Defence Coalition's Blog = Working to ban horse slaughter in Canada.23

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is one of Canada's national treasures and it is well known for it's versatility.28
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slaughterhouses - CCFA occasionally receives calls from U.S. citizens asking how they can contact Canadian horse slaughter plants, fearing a particular horse is bound for slaughter in Canada.39
Stallion standing at stud Artificial Insemination Only OHA Registry of Honor in Halter OHA Registry of Merit in Driving Born June 2001 40
Welfare = by: Les Sellnow The horse industry across Canada for the past couple of years has been a bit like a ship in stormy seas.41
, Carthusian, Caspian, Cayuse Indian Pony = By: Phillipe Wiskell *CANADIAN HORSE* Originating from Canada, the Canadian horse is widely misunderstood and unknown. The breed began with horses to Canada from France by King Louis XIV.42
: Born to Drive courtesy of Ken Morris, Director, Canadian Horse Heritage and Preservation Society in BC. Visit our article archives.43
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