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The Baise horse (also known as the Guangxi) is a pony-sized horse breed native to the autonomous region of Guangxi in southern China. Like other Asian breeds (the Mongolian horse in particular) it thrives at high altitudes and roams freely when not working. Guangxi's mild climate has long favored horse breeding; bronze statues from the third to the first centuries BCE exist of horses very similar in conformation to the Baise.

Baise Pony on Baise Horsen k1
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, also known as Guangxi * Balearic horse, see Mallorquín and Menorquín * Balikun horse * Baluchi horse * Ban'ei * Banker Horse * Barb horse * Bardigiano * Bashkir Curly, see Curly horse * Basque Mountain Horse * Bavarian Warmblood * Belgian (horse) * Belgian Warmblood (includes Belgian Half-blood) * 6
but both strong and quick; thrives at high altitudes
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