Azteca horse

The Azteca is a horse breed from Mexico with a subtype called the American Azteca found in the United States. They are well-muscled horses that may be of any solid color and the American Azteca may also carry pinto colors. Aztecas are known to compete in many western riding and some English riding disciplines.

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Association was created to further the development of the breed on a worldwide basis.3
In 1972 the Mexican Charros (cowboys) began a quest to produce a horse with the agility, quickness and cow sense to work on their cattle ranches.4
This is the Azteca horse. This is a very rare breed, though it's beautiful and usually friendly.5
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Association IAzHA c/o Azteca Horse Association of Canada R.R.#2 - Paris, Ontario Canada N3L 3E2 Website: ...7
Association of the United States Ruben Cardenas, Pres 2613 Camino De 8
Breed and the official High School located in Texcoco, Mexico.9
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Breeders was established.12
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International The Azteca Horse Registry of America National Barrel Horse Association Belgian Draft Horse Association of America Belgian Warmblood Breeding Association, North America National Chincoteague Pony Association 17
International Association (AAHIA), "This breed inherits beauty, temperament, pride, agility and spirit from their Andalusian blood and strength heart and speed from their Quarter Horse Blood.18

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Registry of America Excells in reining movements, this Azteca stallion is offered for sale for $20,000.24
Registry of America, Inc. Popularity: Hit: 511 Details: North American Registry for Azteca and Andalusian horses.25
sired by Quiver (buckskin Lusitano). Vistoso is already in training to bullfight and will one day perform at an event.26
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AZTECA HORSES At Spanish Mount Farm we breed not only Andalusian and Lusitano horses, but Aztecas as well What is an Azteca? During the Spanish conquests of 29
= The Azteca Horse is a modern breed developed in Mexico in 1972. It is now the official horse of Mexico.30
for sale from some of the top Azteca horse breeders.31
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in the Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia for fifteen years.33
is maintained by Asociacion Mexicana de Criadores de Caballos de Raza Azteca (AMCCRA or The Azteca Horse Association of Mexico).34
, our goal is to emphasize the remarkable qualities of this breed and be a part of the history and popularity in the future; we provide » 35