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The AraAppaloosa also known as the Araloosa Arappaloosa and the Ara-Appaloosa is a horse breed that is a cross between an Arabian horse and an Appaloosa combining the refined phenotype of the Arabian with the leopard-spotted coloring of the Appaloosa. As both breeds are noted for endurance and intelligence the resulting cross is usually able to excel at endurance riding as well as other disciplines performed by either breed including ranch work and a variety of horse show disciplines.

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is a fine Appaloosa of great quality; one with color, elegance, performance ability, soundness, and stamina.5
Spanish Arabian Appaloosa AraAppaloosa Appaloosa Spanish Arabian AraAppaloosa Appaloosa Egyptian Arabian AraAppaloosa Appaloosa Arabian AraAppaloosa Polish Arabian Appaloosa AraAppaloosa Egyptian Arabian Appaloosa AraAppaloosa Arabian Appaloosa AraAppaloosa Spanish Arabian Arabian Arabian Polish Arabian Egyptian Arabian Arabian Egyptian Arabian Polish Arabian Arabian Arabian Egyptian Arabian Arabian Egyptian Arabian Arabian Arabian Arabian Polish Arabian Arabian Polish Arabian Arabian Arabian Arabian Spanish Arabian Arabian Egyptian Arabian Spanish Arabian Arabian Spanish Arabian Polish Arabian Arabian Polish Arabian Spanish Arabian Arabian Spanish Arabian Egyptian Arabian Arabian Andalusian American Quarter Horse Azteca Lusitano American Quarter Horse 6
The AraAppaloosa is primarily a riding horse and that is used for leisure activities....7
* Banker * Bashkir Curly * Buckskin * Canadian * Cayuse * Chincoteague Pony * Colorado Ranger Horse 8
The name speaks this breed's origin as a mix of the Arab and Appaloosa lines.9
Stallion 16.25 years old sport Not for Sale Flying ~M~ Timmy وقت Shetland Pony Stallion 18.10

Arabian Arabian Cross AraboFriesian Azteca Bashkir Belgian Brabant Buckskin Canadian Horse Canadian Sport Horse Champagne Cleveland Bay Clydesdale Colorado Ranger Connemara Curly 11
Australian Stock Horse Azteca Banker Horse Belgian Warmblood Buckskin Camargue Canadian Canadian Sport Horse Cleveland Bay Criollo Don Dutch Warmblood Florida Cracker Horse 12
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AraAppaloosa De belangrijkste register van het ras werd opgericht in een poging om de Appaloosa te beschermen en ontwikkelen.14
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Arabian Ardennes Argentine Criollo Asturian Australian Brumby Australian Stock Horse Azteca B Balearic Baluchi Banker Ban-ei Barb Bashkir Bashkir Curly Basotho Pony Belgian Bhirum Pony Bhotia Pony Black Forest Boer Breton Buckskin Budyonny Byelorussian Harness C 16
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Combination of Arabian and Appaloosa traits