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The Anadolu Pony is a Turkish breed of horse developed over 1 000 years ago. They are known for their speed endurance and hardiness.

also called Anadolu Ati * Ariegeois Pony see Mérens horse in horse section * Assateague Pony, see Chincoteague Pony * Asturian pony, see Asturcon in horse section 1
and Nonius (horse) blood was introduced.2
auch benannt Anadolu Ati * Ariegeois Pony auch benannt Merens Pony oder Ariègeois * Assateague Pony, sehen Sie Chincoteague Pony * Asturian Pony, sehen Sie Asturcon im Pferd 3

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::Anadolu Atiとも * アリエージュ : Merens Pony、Ariegeois pony とも * Assateague Pony, 「en:Chincoteague Pony」を参照 * Asturian pony, 6