Altai horse

The Altai is a horse breed developed in the Altai Mountains of Central Asia.

(also can be spelled Altay) hails from the rugged mountainous region of Central Asia.1
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, named for the rugged Altai Mountains in central Asia where they originated. They are indeed spotted, almost to the point of resembling leopard.3
, who is in the bone structure stronger than the Kirgiz horse; he is excellent (soumar) pack horse, has very solid back, solid and strong legs and hoofs, and 4
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Ride Altai Horse Ridesend an enquiry A horseback journey across the Altai Mountians is an experience not available elsewhere on Earth. The Mongolian Altai Mountains of western Mongolia offer a...6
: Breed CharacteristicsA possible ancestor of the Appaloosa, the Altai is a small, hardy horse originating in the Altai Mountains of Siberia.7
-shoe configuration with 13 structures (10 yurts or a'ils and 3 teepees around a central firepit. See schematic. It is a public location.8

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to improve meat and milk production. These crossbreeds have a higher live weight, higher growth rate and cope more easily with year-round grazing practices.10
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An Altai with rider